About the EDF

Eritrean Development Foundation

The Eritrean Development Foundation is an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit humanitarian organization, working to promote economic, social, and cultural development in Eritrea. We –

WORK in partnership with grassroots non-governmental organizations, community groups, and other local institutions engaged in education, health care, and agricultural development in Eritrea.

PROVIDE financial support and material aid for emergency relief, community development, and capacity building in Eritrea.

HELP Eritreans become self-reliant and productive members of their community, thereby enhancing their dignity and strengthening their cultural heritage.

DRAW on its intimate knowledge of the people of Eritrea and the Horn of Africa to educate the US public, media, and policymakers on humanitarian and development issues in the region.

REACH out to individuals and organizations interested in participating in resource development in support of Africa and Africans.