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Our Mission


Our mission is to make digital books accessible to students in Eritrea through the use of e-readers.  EriReader is a volunteer initiative that seeks a cutting edge, cost-effective, environmentally friendly and sustainable way to reduce the cost of textbooks by making e-Readers available to students in Eritrea. E-Readers are a library of digital books that can fit in a student’s backpack.

The project’s team consists of young Eritrean-American professionals in the Washington, DC area, partnered with the Eritrean Relief Association – United Kingdom (ERA-UK). Sharing a passion for educational development and a desire to create a solution to the educational challenges in Eritrea, the two groups have teamed up to disseminate teaching materials and technology.


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What is an E-Reader?







  • E-Readers are portable devices that store thousands of e-books and videos.
  • They are larger in size than a mobile phone but smaller and much cheaper than a laptop.
  • They are innovative, user-friendly and have revolutionized the way students learn globally.


Textbooks vs E-Readers









  • Textbooks are expensive and quickly become outdated
  • Average cost of textbooks in the US: $1000/year
  • In developing countries like Eritrea the relative cost of books is prohibitively high
  • E-Readers can have long term cost saving impacts and will allow investment for other educational materials/items.
  • The cost of maintaining a digital library is much lower
  • The cost of purchasing and shipping books and other materials can be greatly reduced or eradicated



In 2012 we sent a sample of 4 e-Readers of different sizes and brands for testing. Based on the feedback we received from the IT personnel at the Eritrea Institute of Technology in Mai NefHi, Eritrea, we selected the Lenovo tablet.

In 2013 in cooperation with our partners Eritrean Relief Association – United Kingdom (ERA-UK), we sent 70Lenovo Tablets to Eritrea.

In 2014 our partner ERA-UK sent 150 Lenovo Tablets to Eritrea

In 2015, EriReader team in collaboration with ERA-UK, Eritrean Swedish citizens and YPFDJ-NA, sent 250 Lenovo Tables and accessories to Eritrea.


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